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In Maldon Today Interview

On 26th January 2018 I was the guest on this weekly program featuring our little town, broadcast on the community radio program of our slightly bigger, nearest Big Smoke. The radio station is MAIN FM (the IMT hosts will tell you this stands for “Maldon And Its Neighbours” and is definitely not what the locals call Castlemaine, as in, “I’m just popping into the ‘Maine for a spot of shopping”).

The show is In Maldon Today and it broadcasts every Friday morning from 9-11 am, hosted by two of five local presenters on a rotating basis. The band is 94.9 FM and you can listen live on the web!

Many thanks to Tony Harvey and Ian Stevens for hosting my interview: and for donating your ‘research copy’ of my book to the local women’s prison, where my work will have further opportunities to make a positive difference in people’s lives. That was an unexpected destination, of which I wholeheartedly approve.

Here is my interview – I hope you enjoy it!

Below is the article from the Tarrangower Times, a photo of me in the studio, and the link  to IMT’s facebook page.

IMT in TT 2 Feb 2018

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