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“Returning Home”

562AA82B-25FC-4936-AE29-F123885C1CFCEvery once in a while, yet all too rarely, I discover a book that resonates so deeply with me it seems to be telling my story. It reflects my soul and the limitless inner spaces in which it resides.

”Returning Home” by Lara Bardsley is one of these books.

Released in 2017, this beautiful publication was developed from Lara’s PhD. Her “creative research into what it means to know our SELVES” investigates “narratives of transformation” through “an intuitive, feminine methodology”. Drawing from her background as a transpersonal and clinical psychologist she explores her own sense of self, using her innate approach to art as a tool for exploration of deeper meaning.

When I picked up this book I did not expect to see such beauty within its pages. Lara has combined her stunning photographs with her equally stunning artwork: her lavish pieces are big, bold and draw me in with instant appeal.

This book is a treasure: there are so many statements which resonate deeply with me in Lara’s descriptions of her personal story, her philosophy about life and what is valuable, and her use of art for personal exploration, discovery and ultimately fulfilment.

I feel like I have, indeed, returned home through reading this book.

Thank you, Lara, for the sense of peace and surety of self you have given me through your work. I hope to meet you one day to thank you personally.

Lara’s website is 

2 thoughts on ““Returning Home””

  1. Beautifully stated Annabel. There are plenty of parallels between your passions, so I’m sure fans of your work will enjoy Lara’s.


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