Mindful Musings

Who gives a crap?

Clearly, I do! E06843F7-007D-4189-B625-66F3301AB7F83625EBF0-D7CC-461A-9FE5-AEBBF54DE14E

A lucky ticket in a raffle saw me taking home a big box of “Who Gives A Crap?” loo paper. I’d heard about this product before but had not experienced it. Now I have 48 rolls – individually wrapped in colourful designs – to make a judgement on its quality. It has taken one only to get my thumbs-up.

I’m not one to read on the toilet. Unlike others, including famous people throughout history, I don’t have a library in my loo. So it has been a great pleasure to have such interesting toilet paper wrappers to read while I’m doing my business.

This Toilet Paper with ‘Tude is bold and sassy. Every aspect of this product denotes its social conscience. The green and white striped cover states that “this is NOT your average toilet paper”, piquing my interest as to why. It informs me that “trees are for hugging. And climbing. And for scared cats, kites, birds, treehouses, swings, snakes…But you should feel good knowing you’re not wiping your bum with trees…And they say thanks. We know this because we speak tree. It sounds a lot like Flemish.” It’s nice to have a healthy laugh – especially when I’m indisposed.

The purple wrapper with geometric shapes tells me that “more people have mobile phones than toilets”, contextualising this information through their keenness to “make sure everyone in the world is as lucky” as I am. That’s why the company donates “50% of profits…to help build toilets” in third world countries.

Other attention-grabbing taglines include:

*Good for your bum. Great for the world.

*Give yourself a pat on the bum.

*We believe in plying it forward, a clever pun on the concept of “paying it forward” given its two-ply format.

I find myself wondering whether I can get employed by this feel-good company: everything I read on it (and about it, in my Internet research) resonates with my personal philosophy. Its imaginative presentation is refreshingly welcome in our increasingly bland global village, where the same food chains and clothing brands are found worldwide to the detriment of local character.

Through my lucky raffle ticket (rewarding our local secondary college’s music program, from which my children have had direct benefit in pleasure, academia and probable future careers) I have been reminded of my privilege – and thereby of my responsibilities to use it wisely and to best effect for those who cross my path who experience lesser fortune.

I have also gained insight into an ethical company and had a laugh, raising my personal happiness index, if only temporarily. That’s clearly a winner in my books!

Oh! And it’s a nice product to use, too: strong yet soft and not scratchy, and indeed extra loooong rolls. Everything I could ask for in something used on such intimate parts of my body!

To find out more about Who Gives A Crap? visit https://au.whogivesacrap.org/

Please Note: I have no affiliation with this company, no financial investments or other connections, I do not stand to gain from its promotion or sales. I simply like the product because it speaks to me.

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