Mindful Musings


It was a hard week at work. Unusually difficult. By the end of the week I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. In need of respite, a little downtime for my soul.

So I was pleased that the Friday night music event at our local bookstore turned out to have exactly the restorative music I needed, to heal. The type that encourages listeners to close their eyes and listen with their hearts, allowing their souls to float away to iridescent, pastel-coloured beauty on the perfectly-blended combination of guitar and two saxophones. The different woodwind pitches harmonised, all three instruments complementing each other with grace and beauty.

Around twenty people created the audience for Antelodic, the three-piece band on a Spring Thing tour of bookstores and art galleries. The Book Wolf hosted the gig, in its ambient charm. Its audience is grateful.

One hour with these magnificent musicians – magicians – was all it took for me to feel renewed, able to face the weekend with vigour: positive energy welling up within me to replace the overwhelming fatigue with which I had entered The Book Wolf.

For more on Antelodic, their smooth sounds and their gig dates, see https://m.facebook.com/antelodictrio/

For more on The Book Wolf, go to https://m.facebook.com/mikethebookwolf/

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