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Two Things

… for the Brag Book …

A place I worked for once had a Brag Book. This was the place where compliments from the public and feedback on successes went. It’s indicative of the workplace that I didn’t know of its existence for over six months, but that’s another story. I also never actually saw it in real life so maybe it was mythical, but the very fact that they felt they needed one spoke volumes. Needless to say I found it difficult to work in such a negative environment so moved on to more positive places when I was able. Nevertheless, I took away the concept of a Brag Book, and recently gained two happenings to put into my own!



My book, Journey into the Dark and the Light, won an award! This is sponsored by the delightful Ashi, with whom I have developed such a beautiful email relationship I would now consider her my e-pal. I have seen this self-confessed avid reader’s literary contribution develop from posting a regular blog on books authors send her to review, to hosting blog tours, then to organising an increasing number of author events. I haven’t met her personally but she’s agreed to be my manager-promoter on my book tour of India … when I can turn that dream into reality …

In October last year I sent her my book to review on her blog, and she recommended I enter it into the inaugural ARL Literary Awards. A new category was added by the judges: Best Poet. I’d like to think the format of my book contributed to this, although that’s a conceited thought.

This is the first time my book has been ‘independently reviewed’, with the added level of being assessed in comparison to others. Each stage of the process increased my confidence in my work as it became longlisted, shortlisted, winner!

My certificate is now travelling from India. I’m looking forward to putting it up! It will remind me that others deem my work worthy.

For more on the awards go to http://ashirespondingtolife.com/arl-awards/arl-literary-awards-2018-winners/



Following on from my ARL win, I entered some artworks into an exhibition. I figured I had nothing to lose by applying, recognising that I definitely wouldn’t get a look-in if I didn’t even enter. It’s the first time I’ve tried for an exhibition that is not of the “accept all entries” type. The first time I’ve been brave enough, or confident enough?

I had no expectation of actually getting in – I’ve been to this exhibition the last two years running, and the high-quality works of people trained in artistic techniques are actually good! – so I was delightfully surprised to receive the email with the subject “Congratulations”. I knew my work was topical in that it matched the themes, but I nevertheless didn’t really expect to be accepted, having had no formal artistic training – and with two works (their maximum number per artist), not just one! I literally jumped for joy!

I immediately took my art to the framers so it would be ready to hang. When I got the pictures back I was impressed: my art looks professional, and by that I mean that, if I didn’t already know I was the creator I would be of the impression that a Real Artist made them! The framing lifts the pieces, Increasing their vibrancy. I would highly recommend Cascade Gallery for their services; their care and attention to the artists and their artworks is second to none!

I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming annual SacredEdge Festival, the wonderful weekend of music, discussions and food, through which my soul feels healed. I inevitably come home from this event feeling spiritually nurtured and more grounded, consequently more resilient: I feel better able to face the world, with greater fortitude born of deeper connection to self and spirit. This weekend in Queenscliff from 3-5 May is magnificently uplifting!

I’m humbled to be part of the SacredEdge exhibition this year, rubbing shoulders with other artists who are far more established than I am in artistic fields. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to exhibit my work, letting it ‘test the waters’ in such a nurturing environment, alongside esteemed company! I extend my sincere thanks to the organisers and curators for their belief in my work.

For information on my framers got to http://www.maldon.org.au/cascade-print-room/

For more on SacredEdge go to http://www.unitingqueenscliff.org.au/Queenscliff-Point_Lonsdale_UCA/SacredEdge.html

3 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. Well done Annabel – so affirming. You will love Sacred Edge- it is such an inspiring and interesting festival. Enjoy! Lara

    Dr Larisa Bardsley Supervisor, Psychologist, Artist Counselling and Clinical Psychologist PhD, FCCOUNP, FCCLP, MAPS Reg PSY0001126951 Honorary Associate, La Trobe University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, ASSC

    Website: http://larabardsley.com/ Recent publications: ‘ Wholeness as a creative exploration of Self’ https://repository.stcloudstate.edu/survive_thrive/vol4/iss1/16



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