Forever Friendships

For You


Dear Friend,

I’m writing to let you know how much you mean to me.

I know you’re doing it a bit tough right now. You’re stressed and tired and feeling defeated. You’re looking after yourself maybe less than you should be. You’re not as happy as you have been.

So I want to remind you of how amazing you are, and how your inner beauty makes you shine. Your light brightens my world by radiating outwards, coming into my sphere and flooding it with warmth.  Your concern for others is shown in all the ways you make them spiritually richer, even when this means you are yourself temporarily poorer in spirit, having worked yourself ragged to keep them afloat. Your talents are abundantly on display in every aspect of your life.

Please accept my core-deep thanks, knowing that you warm my world and become part of my happiness and reason for being. I can’t imagine my life without you- it would certainly be emptier, with weaker foundations, without the intertwined threads of our experience weaving our bond together tightly and strongly. I am deeply grateful that you are in my life.

Be kind to yourself. You are worthy.

I love you.

Imagine a world where feedback looked like this, replacing the deficit model too often used in schools and business. Imagine the higher level of personal contentment, achievement, happiness and willingness to contribute that people would feel if they were consistently told what they can do and not only what they can’t do. Imagine what possibilities that would unlock in individuals, communities and nations!

Everyone can contribute to positive change. Let’s start from here- today!

This letter is dedicated to ALL the people who have added value to my life. I am grateful for ALL of you, whether a long-time friend or a passing stranger, because you have all impacted on me: I learn every day from new interactions.

This letter is also dedicated to those of you I don’t know personally, who are reminded of your value through little actions like reading this, and can then be more compassionate towards yourself: if it speaks to you, you are the intended recipient.


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