Mindful Musings

As perfect as … a tomato?


I was about to cut a homegrown tomato from our kitchen bench when I was inspired to put down the knife and pick up the camera instead. This tomato, which had clearly been rubbing against some woody stalks while growing on the vine, had developed such interesting lines on its skin … and it reminded me of myself, and of other people I know, who show their ‘growing pains’ through their scars and the lines on their faces. We all age, and our skin – and bodies – show that age, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Just like the tomato, our troubled times, our stresses and our ageing are out there for everyone to see.

But inside… inside we are just as perfect as we ever were, and will ever be, because we are all perfect according to the Universe. Whether we see it or agree with it is immaterial. We remain perfect in our own time.


So next time you doubt yourself, try thinking, “I’m as perfect as a homegrown tomato”. Ridiculous, yes, but nevertheless a cause for pause and taking stock of what we really are, and the abundance we have. The reality is we are perfect in spirit and soul, no matter where we are on our life journey. This doesn’t mean we should, or can, stand still, for we all evolve… yet we evolve with perfection, changing and transforming with each new age and stage. Just as that tomato did into my meal: it was a taste sensation!

Thank you, Nature, for growing such a beautiful garden product, which nourishes me with such goodness and vitality! My body absorbs your seeds and, with it, the potential for new growth, both physically and spiritually. And- as always- thank you to my evercaring husband who tends to our garden with such care and dedication. You know I love you! And value immeasurably your work for us and our family!



1 thought on “As perfect as … a tomato?”

  1. So beautiful – thank you for that sweet and wise story Annabel x

    Dr Larisa Bardsley Supervisor, Psychologist, Artist Counselling and Clinical Psychologist PhD, FCCOUNP, FCCLP, MAPS Reg PSY0001126951 Honorary Associate, La Trobe University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, ASSC

    Website: http://larabardsley.com/ Recent publications: ‘ Wholeness as a creative exploration of Self’ https://repository.stcloudstate.edu/survive_thrive/vol4/iss1/16



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