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Kath’s Song

Katherine Burns

One of my closest friends married a man who plays music. He and I create magic when we jam – our fingers fly over our guitars and our voices harmonise and my friend videos us for posterity, ie. so we can all have a good laugh at a later date.

He has also built his own guitars. This is something I very much admire, as I am not handy like that. It inspires me that maybe I would be able to make a guitar from a kit, but my lack of ability to work with wood is so deplorable that it is a family joke. So I’m always impressed at the skill of people who can manipulate wood into useable items!

Between his many life commitments he also writes music. On the anniversary of his mother-in-law’s death he penned a song about her, which he declared imperfect as it couldn’t completely capture her as he wanted it to.

My reply was:

your song is SO good! I understand that you can be not-at-peace with it because it doesn’t capture ALL of Katherine Burns…but it’s VERY good! There are some killer lyrics in there and I was transported back in time… but then, I had the privilege of knowing that wonderful woman.

As someone who creates through words and images I know what it’s like to feel like my ‘home-grown product’ doesn’t match the vision in my head.

So I’m saying again to you, dear friend, that you capture more than you suppose in this song, and your work is worthy of a bigger audience.

When you take time from your other adventures (work, study, life commitments … you know how it goes …) and find more space and time to be a musician again, you will create further music which will continue to showcase your talent- because you write from the heart and the result is powerful beauty, and that is a wonderful gift!

For more on this fabulous man’s music go to:

Tom Joad on Reverbnation for his solo music.

Wrongtown on Reverbnation for music from his band.

3 thoughts on “Kath’s Song”

  1. So heartfelt, she’d be so happy to have had a song written about her. Many touching memories sung about Kath with such love. I feel such a beautiful feeling tonight after listening to that and seeing her beautiful face xo


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