Teaching Travails

Dear Students

Dear Students,

please get out of my subconscious mind.

We are all on holidays and

should be at rest so

now is the time to

move out of my dreams and

into your own.


I enjoy teaching you and

value your contributions to the class and

admire your efforts, especially when

you come from difficult circumstances


I don’t want to take you home, just as

you don’t want to take me home …


So please leave my head so that

I can have some rest!


We all need space to recuperate from a

long and strenuous term of

diligent work and

high-level brain-powered learning.


I seek your permission for me to

have a mental break from you (to

avoid a mental breakdown in me) by

spending time with

my own loved ones,

including myself. For that is

most restorative.


I now give you permission to

vacate my mind for

these Brief two weeks,

in order that you can

enjoy your own vacation.

That will help me continue my vocation,

which is teaching you.


Please …

Live your own dreams, don’t crowd mine.


Kind regards,

your teacher


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