Mindful Musings

Holiday Bliss


Sink into the cinema chair and

let go

with a heavy sigh,

my shoulders visibly dropping into


                                                                                                   on the exhale…….


It’s such a rare occasion for me to

go to the flicks,

it’s a treat I can savour.


In the darkness of the

movie theatre,

enveloped by a

comfy chair that

hugs me warmly,

I can disappear into

someone else’s life

for a while.


I’ve left my own troubles

at the door,

my burdens are lifted as I

delve into my

temporary respite.


I know, I will

gather them into my arms once more,

on my way out.


But for now,

just allow me this brief pause

in my hectic life,

this one

cinematic island in the

stream of humanity I have

chosen to escape,

just for now

exchanging my reality for

someone else’s.


I’m drawn into the narrative.


Cinema Nova is my moving picture theatre of choice while in Melbourne. Find out more here: https://www.cinemanova.com.au/





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