Reflective Reviews

Inaugural Reedsy Review


PART ONE: Check out my first-ever Reedsy review here!



PART TWO: Author Feedback

On the day the review went live, this email from Reedsy arrived in my inbox:

Hi Annabel,

Thanks so much for your review of Echoes from the Rock of Eternal Torment on Discovery! The author asked me to pass on their personal thanks for your insightful review, and said that they will be taking your insights on how to improve their work to heart.

I hope you’ll continue to find great books on Discovery!
All the best,
Felicia – Editorial Manager at Reedsy

Feeling warmed from the inside out – to the very cockles of my heart – I replied:

Hi Felicia,
Thank you so much for this wonderful email! I appreciate you passing on the author’s personal thanks – it makes me very happy. You could pass back to Kyko-K that, if not for the layout issues, I would have rated it four stars. It definitely is thought-provoking.
I’m currently reading Blotto, the review for which will be forthcoming.
Heart-warmed from your email,
Felicia replied that she would indeed pass on my feedback, and she looks forward to reading my review on Blotto. 
Thank you, Kyko-K, for becoming a follower of my blog: another unexpected reward!
You are generous in your actions.
PART THREE: My Wisdom Poetry: Elderly Females’ Wisdom
my wisdom poetry 1
my wisdom poetry 2
my wisdom poetry 3
Send me your own Wisdom Poetry and I’ll feature it on my blog!

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