Self Stretch


Australian Multicultural Writing Project have accepted my artwork for publication! This is a validating experience for me as I still consider myself to be an emerging author-artist.

I thank the AMWP for accepting my piece for Issue 4 – their first issue with art – and give a huge shout-out to Nadia Niaz, the editor, for the absolute care she has taken with my submission: editing my description to better fit the publication’s context, and checking it with me multiple times prior to publication. Such diligence has ensured that what is published reflects me as an artist, and my work as a unique piece. I know that she will have taken equal care with other contributors and treated each of us with the same kindness and professionalism. A tribute to her work!

I am impressed with the AMWP publication, which I have only recently discovered. (I have subscribed to their newsletter so as not to miss any more of this treat.) One piece of background information required, to support my submission, was an audio description for their visually-impaired readers. The whole ethos of this online publication is inclusive and inviting.

I am also, for the first time, joining the privileged ranks of people who are paid for their passion: thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts every published contributor to AMWP is remunerated! Again, identifying as an emerging artist I am not used to this – a delightful experience! My previous exposure to ACA has been as a consumer, reading books which have been funded by their writing projects. I am pleased to now be involved as a recipient, a contributor to public art that others may then enjoy – and (hopefully) be inspired by, as I have been inspired by ACA works in the past.

See my entry (number 12) here, alongside all the other wonderful entries:

Read AMWP’s Facebook page, which has special features:

…and read their tweets at Twitter (@MultilingualOz)…


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