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Covid Christmas

To end a Covid-constrained year we now have a Covid-constrained holiday period. My thoughts go out to all the people who can’t share festivities – from all cultural and religious backgrounds – with their families this year. My heart is heavy from the people who are no longer with us, due to Covid (and indeed from other reasons).

It’s certainly been a year like no other that I’ve experienced! A year of changes on many levels, both external and internal = an opportunity for personal and societal realignment, and consequent growth. Individuals have their own reflections on the impact of the devastation and generosity of this year, in equal or unequal doses depending on personal circumstances. May we all recognise the gifts that this year brought, alongside the pain.

May the environment – the healing of which made such great progress when the world stopped in lockdown – be able to maintain its momentum towards health. May we humans take note – and not wantonly destroy it again, just to get jets in the sky ‘because our pleasure is more important than the health of our host planet’.

With Australia having predominantly Christian-settler background the biggest Christian festivals (Easter and Christmas) are granted public holidays. These two Christmas-themed items sum up 2020 as a year like no other:

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