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Inaugural Poetry Month

August is Poetry Month – in Australia, if not in further reaches. Red Room Poetry, an organisation for students (and teachers), is creating a poem forest:

POEM FOREST is a free nature writing prize that literally breathes life back into the natural world that sustains us.

Created by Red Room Poetry, in partnership with The Australian Botanic GardenPOEM FOREST deepens our connection with nature by inviting students and communities to use their words to make positive climate action through poetry. For every nature poem received a tree is planted to help heal habitats and create a POEM FOREST for future generations.

My motivation for entering: I like the idea of creating wilderness for future generations to enjoy, seek solace in and be rejuvenated by. What better way to ensure continued nature than through creative forms, writing to a theme that is close to my heart? If others are inspired by my poem, all the better! Find my poem on the Red Room Poetry website!

Here is my entry – enjoy:

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