Mindful Musings


Some days I wake up after a sound night’s sleep and feel so weary, like I could sleep deeply for ten hours all over again – immediately. These are the days when I struggle to get started: I have to push myself into my getting-up routine and, if it’s a work day, to get to work. My tasks don’t come easily because my brain has been mushed in my sleep and is still mushed. My thought processes flow like treacle, all gluggy and slow. Everything feels a little out of kilter, as if the whole world has been turned on its axis except for me. I dial down my expectations of the day and give myself extra hugs to get through. Coincidentally, these are often the days where my outfits (laid out the day before) don’t fit my mood. I can try three changes of clothes before I reach the necessary combination of colour-energy uplift, comfort and appropriateness for the weather.

Other days I wake up with energy pulsing through my veins. I leap out of bed and trip over myself in the sheer frenetic joy of being alive and having purpose. Nothing can phase me. On these days everything is achievable, from my least-favoured housework to work tasks that require precision and acute critical thinking. These are the days I do the things I’ve been putting off until I can face them. Tick! Another job done. Coincidentally, these are also the days when my To Do lists grow – with all the new things I want to achieve.

My To Do lists grow sporadically and are usually centred around a particular focus. When my book was released my list of behind-the-scenes things was enormous, focused on such things as complimentary copies to those who had assisted me during the process, legal deposits, listing with distributors, and approaching book stores for possible launches (which no-one’s booking in these Covid-cancel uncertain times). I can make a huge list in a day … then work through it steadily over the months which follow, as my spare time and energy levels allow.

What energy levels have you woken with today?

I wish you boundless energy and clear thinking as you go about your day.

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