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Critique of My Book: Geetanjali, Ankita and Kia

I was approached by Geetanjali, an avid reader and book reviewer, who had seen Erin Nicole Cochran’s Readers’ Favorite review for Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine. Geetanjali offered to review my book, along with two of her friends who are also avid readers and book reviewers. All three women live in India … and clearly devour books in any spare time they have.

One of the perks of modern technology in our global village is being able to interact with people from all around the world, through the common connection point of the internet. I am now part of a reading-writing community, which continues to expand. This ‘place of common interest’ – BOOKS – is diverse, multicultural, vibrant and highly active. I love it!

Follow these links to find the reviews of my book, from these three lovely Indian women:




Google Books




Google Books


Bookish World


Google Books

Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews, and for posting them onto all of these platforms!

For an added bonus, find my interview with them here.

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