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ArtsHub: “Gilded”

This book is a treasure: a YA/Adult delve into a fairytale land of mythical creatures, medieval-style life (complete with magic, of course) and a plot that reframes Rumpelstiltskin. In this clever book the author’s research into the setting and the narrative style is evident. At 600-odd* pages it’s a fantastic escape from the mundanity of everyday, so I highly recommend it if you need to raise yourself above the drudgery of your urbane existence … and also if you don’t but just want an exciting read. It’s definitely a page-turner.

I hope you enjoy my review!

*600-odd pages: I find the term “<insert number here>-odd” peculiar, because it’s not as if there are 600 even pages to complement the 600 odd pages; it is not a book with 1200 pages. Of course, this phrasing means “approximately” … and the key to understanding that is to remember the hyphen.

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