Necessary Nature



The endless ocean,
rolling in waves,
soothing waters, 
spraying white foam in the breakers.

It's grounding, 
this dip in the sea.

It restores my equilibrium,
internally and externally.
I feel re-set and
ready for anything.

The heat of the sun,
the smell of hot sand and
the taste of sea salt 
remind me of childhood holidays:
endless days of bliss.

What I know about the ocean 
I learnt on those holidays.
I can body-surf now 
because I learnt then.

I feel the grin on my face 
as I enter the cold water.
My body adjusts to the temperature 
as the drag of the tide
wills me in further.

I dive under and I am free
- totally and utterly -
floating on the shimmering surface, 
buoyant in the salt,
until a wave washes over me,
submerging me temporarily.

Swimming in the ocean
is an in-the-now activity
in which one is fully present.
There is no other option
but to engage with 
the elements
right here, right now.



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