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Almost a year ago I minded two cats in a house with a ‘catio’ (the cross between a ‘patio’ and a ‘cat area’): a netted yard providing outside-time within a contained area. This allowed the two fur-babies full range to indoor company while allowing equal range to the elements: dozing on the grass and soaking up the sun’s rays was clearly a happy pastime for them.

It was a wonderful construction as it was not imposing: the net went from the roof down to the fence without blocking out the light, so did not feel constrictive. Humans and felines alike could enjoy the balcony, then go down the steps to the grassy area to bask in the sun or play gentle games on the lawn. It’s the best set-up I’ve seen for indoor-outdoor cats. The responsible owners clearly take the welfare of their cats seriously, alongside the welfare of the neighbourhood’s birds.

Feline energy is unique: it steals silently into the soul and nourishes a person from within. It’s a healing energy, as is the energy from other domesticated animals.

Minding these two furballs was an absolute delight: they have great personalities, with equal passion for their snuggles and feisty games. There’s nothing more satisfying than having an animal curl into the crook of my arm or snuggle into the dip of my legs, purring loudly and contentedly as if to say, “I am in the best place I could be – and that’s with you”.


I wonder if they’ll need a sitter again? Hmmm …. I’ll volunteer for that!

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