Mindful Musings

A new year = new beginnings

The Perfect Time is Now

2022 turned out to be a year of ‘hibernation and healing’ for me: things happened that were beyond my control, forcing my attention inwards towards intense introspection until I could process all that welled up inside of me. (And for a long and very stressful time, that seemed never-ending, limitless!)

Never consciously choosing trauma, people nevertheless endure it. My experiences over almost a year have sharpened my outlook and my vision: I now have my sights set on undertakings of greater soul alignment, with the benefit of enlightened perspective guiding me. Why spend (waste?) time on things that don’t bring me joy, when I can focus on what does fulfil me? By calling into being the positives I want to manifest, consciously and deliberately channelling my energy, I empower myself to move towards deeper self-actualisation.

I’m very grateful to live in a country with inbuilt systems that provided me with the resources I needed during my time of ‘enforced realignment’: my ability to access professional expertise, as well as the personal support offered by my network of family and friends, metaphorically held my head above water when I felt like I was drowning. Without all of this at (fairly) ready disposal, my recovery – which is ongoing, and definitely not over yet – would have taken a lot longer. I extend an enormous thank you to everyone who supported me during 2022! Collectively, you made it easier for me to get through this undeniably tough ‘trial by fire’ year.

So here’s to all of us whose lives take an unexpected turn, throwing into disarray all we thought was certain and secure. Learning to be comfortable in the uncertain spaces is not easy … yet the rewards of our burgeoning personal landscapes are bountiful! If we can just remain steady when our little boat is in the maelstrom of a huge chaotic swell, trust the direction of our inner compass, and have the courage to truly follow our hearts, we can maintain, honour and stay true to our learnings from immensely difficult times … enabling profound insight and greater happiness to eventuate.

These are the rewards of overcoming trauma: may the healing continue!

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