Mindful Musings


A weary flower.

Can't get my mojo working today.
This is a day when I dial down my expectations. 

Of all the things I CAN do 
- many I feel I SHOULD do - 
today I will 
rush headlong into my activities and tasks.

I will honour what I feel 
take care of myself.

Whose standards do I live up to, anyway?
Why do I feel I need to produce
a tangible, measurable outcome
to prove my worth?

The curse of societal expectations 
- the legacy of conditioning -
plays havoc with my mind.

Who will critique me if I don't make progress?
Is it only my inner voice that scolds me?

Outside with my work,
dog relaxing at my feet:
today I will take in my surroundings,
 enjoy the little moments
and be grateful for my small achievements.

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