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Spring Clean

Spring has sprung Australia is in the middle of spring. After the physical darkness of winter the spring winds are rejuvenating. They promise excitement: activity after cold months of dormancy, huddled in front of a heater. They speak of new lands and invite travel - out into the garden no longer frosted over in the… Continue reading Spring Clean

Mindful Musings

Decluttering Mindset

Decluttering Podcast Many podcasts are now devoted to decluttering, and personal organisation services abound. The 'Simply Organised' Facebook group, the 'Simply Organised' book and 'The Art of Decluttering' service and podcast provide all the armoury needed to battle an overflowing house into submission. Decluttering requires a specific mindset, which can be learnt. Changing thinking around… Continue reading Decluttering Mindset

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Review: “Blood of the Eagle”

Blood of the Eagle by Anthony Kearle I digressed from my usual book type to read this one. I admit, it took a bit to get into the high fantasy genre ... and it was a worthwhile diversion! ********** Blood of the Eagle by Anthony Kearle is a high fantasy novel following multiple key characters… Continue reading Review: “Blood of the Eagle”

Mindful Musings

Decluttering Energy

Some jobs require specific energy: they can only be completed when the body and mind have the right combination of clear-thinking and physical prowess. Decluttering is one of those jobs for me, only done when I am feeling 'springy' and when I am in the mood to see Mess as Opportunity and not Overwhelm. I… Continue reading Decluttering Energy

Necessary Nature, Reflective Reviews

Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

"Grief Songs" I picked up this book to review because its premise sounded interesting. It's one of a rare variety: a book I couldn't get into. The content itself is fine. However, the clunky layout and the inconsistent formatting was a real block for me. There's always a decision when reviewing a book that I… Continue reading Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

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Review: “What Lurks In The Woods”

What Lurks In The Woods by Nicole Bell Rick from Stress Free Book Marketing asked me if I would like to read this one: I'm very glad I did, as it is a powerful memoir. Enjoy my 5 star review! ********** What Lurks In The Woods is immediately engaging: Nicole Bell searches for the right… Continue reading Review: “What Lurks In The Woods”

Reflective Reviews

Review: “Airy Nothing”

Clarissa Pattern approached me to do a review exchange. Her book is completely different to mine: a flight of fantasy set in Shakesperean London. Here is my review. ********** Clarissa Pattern’s Airy Nothing is spellbinding. From the opening paragraph the reader understands that the protagonist is unusual: interest piques as he runs in fear, wearing… Continue reading Review: “Airy Nothing”

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Review: “B.D.I.”

This is the review I provided to Readers' Favorite, a review forum which wanted a sample of my writing before it accepted me as a reviewer. It is written to the forum's specifications: two paragraphs of roughly equal length, to a word limit. The book, the brainchild of our Irish-artist-friend Kevin McCann, features contemporary pieces… Continue reading Review: “B.D.I.”