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TV: “The Salisbury Poisonings”

BBC production Like many people around the world, I watched the news with horrified wonder that people could be attacked with Cold War poison more than two decades after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Adding to the intrigue were the incompatible images in my mind: this monstrous act colliding with my treasured memories of… Continue reading TV: “The Salisbury Poisonings”

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Kerryn Fields

Kerryn Fields I first saw this Kiwi performer at last year’s SacredEdge. I was lucky enough to see her again at this year’sNewstead Live! What I love about folk festivals is the sheer diversity of music styles - all within the umbrella genre of folk. Kerryn is staunchly in the soul-fuelled singer-songwriter category, sweeping the… Continue reading Kerryn Fields

Country Canines, Necessary Nature


Oddity Specimen A In my sleeping quarters under the house. ******sniff***** What. Is. THAT ????? A growl builds in my throat, escapes as a warning bark. I stand over the Oddity: bark Bark BaRk BARK BARK ... until Frauchen points out ... it's okay, it won't hurt us. The rain brings out the Oddities from… Continue reading Oddities

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“When Things Fall Apart”

Heart Advice for Difficult Times This book was recommended to me last year, when my life framework shifted and I lost my grounding. Published in 1997, I'm surprised it hasn't come across my radar earlier ... it's been a great one to discover, now! Author Pema Chödrön is an American-born nun within the practice of… Continue reading “When Things Fall Apart”

Admirable Artists, Reflective Reviews, Wonderful Writing

Joel McKerrow

Joel McKerrow I met this young performance poet at SacredEdge: he presented his original poems with dynamism. I like the idea of performance poetry because, while I have published two poetry books, outside of book launches I'm not accustomed to performing my work - and definitely not by memory! So I'm in awe of talented… Continue reading Joel McKerrow

Teaching Travails

The Five-Step Plan

The Five-Step Plan every educator needs Dear Graduate Teacher, Congratulations on your first teaching job! Double-congratulations for making it through the hardest part - the start. You've survived the first term and are now catching up on sleep in your school holidays. WOOHOO!! How's your lesson-planning going? Your assessments and reports? Parent-teacher interviews? Your portfolio… Continue reading The Five-Step Plan

Admirable Artists, Bountiful Books, Necessary Nature, Wonderful Writing

“Jonathon Livingstone Seagull”

The spiritual seagull Recently I had the opportunity to read this oldie-but-goodie again. A short read, it's a little snapshot of pure inspiration. There is an equal amount of photography (by Russell Munson) in it as there is text (by Richard Bach), and the photos amplify the story beautifully. It's been a long time since… Continue reading “Jonathon Livingstone Seagull”