Admirable Artists

Note to Naomi

Naomi Osaka: a role model of integrity and compassion Naomi Osaka left the French Open: her appeal to the machine that is the professional tennis circuit - to be excused from post-match interviews due to her anxiety, as she is battling depression - ultimately fell on deaf ears. Full disclosure: I am not, have never… Continue reading Note to Naomi

Creative Crafts, Forever Friendships

Depth Dive

Illusions of depth. Dive deep into the fabric of the craft. Explore. Follow the patterns as they meander across the cloth, joining into closed shapes sometimes and at other times becoming pathways to infinite worlds. Each cloth - each stitch - has a unique story. As I sort through them with my mother the room… Continue reading Depth Dive

Mindful Musings


A life well-lived, true to self Lately I’ve been thinking about legacy. What is legacy? The Macquarie Dictionary defines legacy as (and I paraphrase): A gift of property by will; a bequest.Anything handed down by a predecessor.A consequence. I see legacy as falling into two broad categories: the formal legacy – what an individual constructs… Continue reading Legacy

Self Stretch, Wonderful Writing

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day 21 March is World Poetry Day, in which UNESCO (which has a wonderful motto of building peace in the minds of men and women) "recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind." Here is my humble contribution to the volume of poetry in the world… Continue reading World Poetry Day