Mindful Musings, Necessary Nature

The Butterfly Effect?

Walking through a flutter* of butterflies hovering daintily in my path. All of a sudden brown wings fill my vision: a butterfly has flown straight into my Third Eye! What is the karmic, cosmic effect of that? Disclaimer: No butterflies were harmed in the making of this poem post: the butterfly flew away to join… Continue reading The Butterfly Effect?

Admirable Artists, Bountiful Books, Wonderful Writing

Benjamin Hoff

I first encountered The Tao of Pooh around the time of its release in the 1980s. I loved the way it distilled profound insights about meaningful ways of being into messages that I could understand and take on board, through its unique structure. This book spoke to me then, and upon re-reading it speaks to… Continue reading Benjamin Hoff

Public Praise, Self Stretch

Khyati Gautum

I'm not sure what it is about the Indian psyche that make India's inhabitants such avid book readers: lucky for me, though! Khyati runs a site called Bookish Fame, where she reviews the incredible number of books she devours. Click here to find her review of my book, Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine.… Continue reading Khyati Gautum

Admirable Artists

Thrive at Midsumma

Midsumma Festival is a Melbourne fixture. Running from January into February, it's a celebration of everything queer. The program features arts of all kinds, and many of the offerings do tours of the regions as part of the increasingly visible, burgeoning Pride Festivals. My transfem thespian daughter gravitates towards the queer community in all aspects… Continue reading Thrive at Midsumma

Scintillating Screen

TV: “The Orville”

Seth MacFarlane's "The Orville" is science-fiction laced with action and computer-generated imagery. Both the action and the CGI are impressive, although they don't do much for me: I've never been excited by immense chase scenes, or a screen flooded with special effects. Both scenarios are meant to overwhelm the senses, I guess, but I find… Continue reading TV: “The Orville”