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Edge of Humanity

The tremendous Edge of Humanity This fabulous website I feel lucky to have stumbled across: it's a generous offering of everything arty from all around the globe. It promotes authors and artists of every variety ... and there is so much to discover! It's easy to lose a few hours going down its enticing alleyways… Continue reading Edge of Humanity

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First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Reedsy Discovery: a wonderful platform for readers and writers What does the world think of my book? It's a challenging thing to put one's own work out into the world - especially content as personal and autobiographical as mine. On one level there's the thinking that "these poems and artworks are me: my private thoughts,… Continue reading First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

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Review: “Shackled Freedom”

"Shackled Freedom" by Dasan Ahanu I was asked by Rick Lite from Stress Free Book Marketing if I'd like to review this book. I relish books from outside my experience because that's how I learn about the world from other people's vantage points, those from other walks of life ... and as I'm not a… Continue reading Review: “Shackled Freedom”

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New Year = New Expansions

Podcast Power! As the world enters a new calendar year, my personal interactions with the world reach dizzying new heights: having run this blog now for over 100 blog posts it is expanding from visual-only to aural. Admittedly, I've been able to achieve this because it was handed to me on a platter: between my… Continue reading New Year = New Expansions

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Women’s Intuition = On High Alert

Grace Tame, sexual assault survivor and admirable contributor to the topic of women's safety It seems to me that the high level of intuition attributed to women directly relates to the level of awareness we are socialised to operate at; and that this heightened level of awareness is a direct consequence of maintaining personal safety… Continue reading Women’s Intuition = On High Alert

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Space and Place for Everyone

The Gender Continuum The past decade has seen a rapid rise in people “coming out” as transgender. The Gender Affirmation Plan is now a stock-standard form of any school, alongside the Asthma Management Plan, Diabetes Management Plan and Anaphylaxis Management Plan. The provision of space for gender diversity is to be applauded: this is one… Continue reading Space and Place for Everyone

Reflective Reviews

Reedsy Review #13

Warning: contains football I chose to review this book because I remember the incident mentioned in the blurb on our national news. I did not realise this book would have quite so much football as it does! The timing of my reading this autobiography coincided with our Australian Football League's finals season. This is the… Continue reading Reedsy Review #13

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Reedsy Review #12

Rainbow Body: a delightful anthology of poetry by Neysa King. I can't resist poetry. When I look at the plethora of books on offer as Advanced Reader Copies from Reedsy I find myself consistently drawn to the poetic form. Rainbow Body intrigued me from the start: I hope you enjoy my review! Who knows: maybe… Continue reading Reedsy Review #12

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Reedsy Review #11

The book that started as a film, and then a play This book was too enticing to resist: a YA comedy-thriller about a regular teen who acquires extraordinary powers, with no knowledge of how and why. Great for its target audience of young adults, this book will especially be loved by reluctant readers: it's snappy… Continue reading Reedsy Review #11

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Guest Editor of the Babe Letter

I'm lucky enough to have discovered HerStry and Babes Who Write, a dynamic and inclusive writing space for women. It's a place for me to meet other authors, discuss things writerly and sharpen my writing tools. I personally get a lot out of these interactions and feel like I am always learning new things about… Continue reading Guest Editor of the Babe Letter