Inspiration for my Book


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Depression is a difficult place to be. Challenging on many levels, it can be as frightening for the sufferer as for those who watch on. Those in the midst of its gloom can feel as if they are living a different and parallel life to those they share their homes and world with. This disconnection, and inaccessibility of outsiders to share this highly personalised state of being, can be scary, isolating and lonely.

It takes tremendous strength and resilience to successfully conquer reactive depression, to acknowledge and accept the triggers and personal shortcomings that allowed it to take hold, and to eclipse the darkness of mental illness in favour of the light of happiness. It takes fortitude to share these experiences with a wider audience.

Journey into the Dark and the Light depicts my progression from the shadows of my darkest places, overwhelmed and out of my depth, through my awareness that I could instigate change towards a productive life incorporating personal empowerment and professional success.

The selected poems and artworks illustrate with candour the insights I gained through my journey to well-being, exposing valued understanding of the harrowing process through which I developed inner strength and resilience, thereby consolidating the foundations for a balanced life encompassing self assurance and contentment.