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Kerryn Fields

Kerryn Fields I first saw this Kiwi performer at last year’s SacredEdge. I was lucky enough to see her again at this year’sNewstead Live! What I love about folk festivals is the sheer diversity of music styles - all within the umbrella genre of folk. Kerryn is staunchly in the soul-fuelled singer-songwriter category, sweeping the… Continue reading Kerryn Fields

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Joel McKerrow

Joel McKerrow I met this young performance poet at SacredEdge: he presented his original poems with dynamism. I like the idea of performance poetry because, while I have published two poetry books, outside of book launches I'm not accustomed to performing my work - and definitely not by memory! So I'm in awe of talented… Continue reading Joel McKerrow

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“Jonathon Livingstone Seagull”

The spiritual seagull Recently I had the opportunity to read this oldie-but-goodie again. A short read, it's a little snapshot of pure inspiration. There is an equal amount of photography (by Russell Munson) in it as there is text (by Richard Bach), and the photos amplify the story beautifully. It's been a long time since… Continue reading “Jonathon Livingstone Seagull”

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Benjamin Hoff

I first encountered The Tao of Pooh around the time of its release in the 1980s. I loved the way it distilled profound insights about meaningful ways of being into messages that I could understand and take on board, through its unique structure. This book spoke to me then, and upon re-reading it speaks to… Continue reading Benjamin Hoff

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Thrive at Midsumma

Midsumma Festival is a Melbourne fixture. Running from January into February, it's a celebration of everything queer. The program features arts of all kinds, and many of the offerings do tours of the regions as part of the increasingly visible, burgeoning Pride Festivals. My transfem thespian daughter gravitates towards the queer community in all aspects… Continue reading Thrive at Midsumma

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ArtsHub: most popular reviews

My review on Elvis: Direct from Graceland was one of ArtsHub's most popular reviews this year! I am chuffed to have my work listed in this space: writing can be a lonely occupation, with the volume of output not necessarily matching the volume of feedback, so gifts like this are validating, confirming that my writing… Continue reading ArtsHub: most popular reviews

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Author Interview: Danielle Dayney 2

Danielle Dayney (Photo courtesy of  Kerry Mulhern) I had the great pleasure of reviewing Danielle Dayney's book, When Love Sticks Around. We then did an interview ... enjoy! This is Part Two of my interview with Danielle Dayney. Read Part One. DANIELLE DAYNEY ON THEME: LOVE AND FAMILY AH: You often state that you didn’t/couldn’t trust… Continue reading Author Interview: Danielle Dayney 2

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Author Interview: Danielle Dayney 1

Danielle Dayney (Photo courtesy of  Kerry Mulhern) I had the great pleasure of reviewing Danielle Dayney's book, When Love Sticks Around. We then did an interview ... enjoy! This is Part One of my interview with Danielle Dayney. DANIELLE DAYNEY ON WRITING: Annabel Harz: Tell me about your decision to write a memoir: why and when… Continue reading Author Interview: Danielle Dayney 1

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“When Love Sticks Around”

When Love Sticks Around When Love Sticks Around contains first-person vignettes woven into a montage incorporating universal themes of family, love and belonging. It tracks Danielle Dayney’s childhood in Toledo to her married life in Detroit and New York. As a child the author didn’t recognise her family’s poverty, stating that her mother – a… Continue reading “When Love Sticks Around”

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Guest Blog: Robin L. Harvey

Robin L. Harvey I have featured Robin's work in previous posts: my review of her book PTSD, and her professional reviews on Not the Public Broadcaster. I invite you to enjoy her guest blog, below:             Recently I saw the opera, Georges Bizet’s Carmen, a production I’ve long adored. However, that October night when I… Continue reading Guest Blog: Robin L. Harvey