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On Fashion

Melbourne-based tattoo artist, Benjamin Suski: scroll down for more information When I was growing up, having a tattoo was a sign of membership to the underbelly of society: the hoodlums and nasties that frequented jails and motorcycle gangs. I knew people with prison-style self-done tattoos of blue ink (spelling L O V E and H… Continue reading On Fashion

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Note to Naomi

Naomi Osaka: a role model of integrity and compassion Naomi Osaka left the French Open: her appeal to the machine that is the professional tennis circuit - to be excused from post-match interviews due to her anxiety, as she is battling depression - ultimately fell on deaf ears. Full disclosure: I am not, have never… Continue reading Note to Naomi

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Angel of the Morning

Juice Newton in 1981 Sequentially-random scrolling1 through YouTube + Ultimate Guitar led me to this song. The simple chords and structure make it a joy to play, and Juice Newton's angelic voice is divine. (Juice's release is not the original: according to Wikipedia, although not the first recording/release, the honour of the first version to… Continue reading Angel of the Morning

Admirable Artists

Artist Profile: Michael Waugh

Michael's albums: perfect for a relaxed evening around a campfire, catching up with friends ... or for any other time of the day or night, when a mellow mood is sought. We first met Michael Waugh three years ago, when he was our designated muso to billet for our local Folkie. An established teacher of… Continue reading Artist Profile: Michael Waugh

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Come sit down beside me

Come sit down beside me, I said to myself.  And although it doesn’t make sense, I held my own hand as a small sign of trust And together I sat on the fence.                - Michael Leunig I first came across this poem in College, studying Children’s Literature. It made an immediate impact because of its… Continue reading Come sit down beside me

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Modern Fairytales

  Jan Marshall sits at the front of an intimate group, no more than ten in all. The fire provides warmth on the cold winter’s day, building the atmosphere in the rustic setting of The Book Wolf’s Goldfields-era red-brick walls. Jan describes herself as a Romance Scam Survivor, her book detailing her experiences of being… Continue reading Modern Fairytales

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“Music To Knit To”

                My Musings to Musos Dear Musician, I’m enjoying your set. I’m enjoying listening to live music in the tent on the green, which is slightly overwarm and stuffy. I choose to sit here despite the lack of breeze so that I can see you more clearly. When… Continue reading “Music To Knit To”

Admirable Artists, Creative Crafts

Foreign Languages

The man waiting for me tells the story of his life through the pictures on his body. He watches as I park the car in his driveway and greets me with a gruff g’day. I’ve driven from my work in a regional town through the Australian bush, and I arrive with a deep peace instilled… Continue reading Foreign Languages