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Holiyays! The thing about holidays is that they inevitably end. If they didn't they would be regular life and then they wouldn't be special, they would be the norm. Holidays take me out of routine, quite by force as there is nothing in a holiday place that is the same as at home - even… Continue reading Holidays

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Almost a year ago I minded two cats in a house with a 'catio' (the cross between a 'patio' and a 'cat area'): a netted yard providing outside-time within a contained area. This allowed the two fur-babies full range to indoor company while allowing equal range to the elements: dozing on the grass and soaking… Continue reading Catio

Country Canines

City Visit

Part 1 of the Country Canine Companions Collection Sporting her City Hat* Luna explored the streets of Melbourne Town.   Familiar noises at unfamiliar intensity that assaults my ears. Hard ground everywhere. No, not everywhere, but it took so long to get to where it was soft underfoot and smelt like the Earth.   Even… Continue reading City Visit