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Review: “B.D.I.”

This is the review I provided to Readers' Favorite, a review forum which wanted a sample of my writing before it accepted me as a reviewer. It is written to the forum's specifications: two paragraphs of roughly equal length, to a word limit. The book, the brainchild of our Irish-artist-friend Kevin McCann, features contemporary pieces… Continue reading Review: “B.D.I.”

Admirable Artists, Creative Crafts, Reflective Reviews

ArtsHub: “SOUL fury”

"SOUL fury" displayed at the Bendigo Art Gallery SOUL fury is the first visual art exhibition I have reviewed. With works from sixteen female artists within Islamic culture, I discovered great works with powerful messages. Impactful. Enjoy my review!

Admirable Artists, Creative Crafts

On Fashion

Melbourne-based tattoo artist, Benjamin Suski: scroll down for more information When I was growing up, having a tattoo was a sign of membership to the underbelly of society: the hoodlums and nasties that frequented jails and motorcycle gangs. I knew people with prison-style self-done tattoos of blue ink (spelling L O V E and H… Continue reading On Fashion

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Depth Dive

Illusions of depth. Dive deep into the fabric of the craft. Explore. Follow the patterns as they meander across the cloth, joining into closed shapes sometimes and at other times becoming pathways to infinite worlds. Each cloth - each stitch - has a unique story. As I sort through them with my mother the room… Continue reading Depth Dive

Admirable Artists, Creative Crafts

“Music To Knit To”

                My Musings to Musos Dear Musician, I’m enjoying your set. I’m enjoying listening to live music in the tent on the green, which is slightly overwarm and stuffy. I choose to sit here despite the lack of breeze so that I can see you more clearly. When… Continue reading “Music To Knit To”

Admirable Artists, Creative Crafts

Foreign Languages

The man waiting for me tells the story of his life through the pictures on his body. He watches as I park the car in his driveway and greets me with a gruff g’day. I’ve driven from my work in a regional town through the Australian bush, and I arrive with a deep peace instilled… Continue reading Foreign Languages