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Review: “B.D.I.”

This is the review I provided to Readers' Favorite, a review forum which wanted a sample of my writing before it accepted me as a reviewer. It is written to the forum's specifications: two paragraphs of roughly equal length, to a word limit. The book, the brainchild of our Irish-artist-friend Kevin McCann, features contemporary pieces… Continue reading Review: “B.D.I.”

Admirable Artists, Forever Friendships, Reflective Reviews

Review: The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire's original line-up The Cat Empire is a band I've been following with my children since their inception (inception of the band and my children). We are fans of the jazz-fusion rhythms, to which we have danced equally enthusiastically at concerts and around our lounge room. With the original six-piece line-up now going… Continue reading Review: The Cat Empire

Creative Crafts, Forever Friendships

Depth Dive

Illusions of depth. Dive deep into the fabric of the craft. Explore. Follow the patterns as they meander across the cloth, joining into closed shapes sometimes and at other times becoming pathways to infinite worlds. Each cloth - each stitch - has a unique story. As I sort through them with my mother the room… Continue reading Depth Dive

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Andrew James

What is the measure of a person's life? How is someone's entire existence encapsulated, their legacy summed up? It's an impossible task ... the effects of a life stretch far and wide, with ripples seen and unseen, in ways that can sometimes be tangibly recognised and more often amorphously, intrinsically, yet not definably felt. Recently… Continue reading Andrew James

Forever Friendships

Ripple of Kindness I know I'm overtired when I lose my compassion. I see pictures of pain and agony on the TV, hear the pain of people's anguish through the radio waves ... and sense my invisible internal wall building up to protect me. I can't face the despair of the world because I know I can't… Continue reading Ripple of Kindness

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Reflective Times

Part 3 of The House Fire Eye - Fire Reflection by Purpl3S0ul on DeviantArt At a time of crisis much mental energy can be spent in asking the unanswerable What-ifs ... Following on from the previous two posts, some further reflections about this intense time. OPEN HOUSE INSPECTIONS I have never been in a… Continue reading Reflective Times

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My Role in the Recovery

Part 2 of The House Fire As noted in last fortnight's post, this post continues the story of the house fire. I've found this experience surprisingly emotional (even though it wasn't my house that burnt down) and acknowledge some of my reactions in this post. HELP ON THE GROUND My first visit to the burnt-out… Continue reading My Role in the Recovery

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The Crisis

Part 1 of The House Fire Our son's house burnt down. The four occupants (three house-mates and one guest on that particular night) and two cats got out; the house was razed within minutes. We received a phone call mid-morning, our son in shock, standing in the driveway in his dressing gown (faring slightly better… Continue reading The Crisis