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The Butterfly Effect?

Walking through a flutter* of butterflies hovering daintily in my path. All of a sudden brown wings fill my vision: a butterfly has flown straight into my Third Eye! What is the karmic, cosmic effect of that? Disclaimer: No butterflies were harmed in the making of this poem post: the butterfly flew away to join… Continue reading The Butterfly Effect?

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A new year = new beginnings

The Perfect Time is Now 2022 turned out to be a year of 'hibernation and healing' for me: things happened that were beyond my control, forcing my attention inwards towards intense introspection until I could process all that welled up inside of me. (And for a long and very stressful time, that seemed never-ending, limitless!)… Continue reading A new year = new beginnings

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Holiyays! The thing about holidays is that they inevitably end. If they didn't they would be regular life and then they wouldn't be special, they would be the norm. Holidays take me out of routine, quite by force as there is nothing in a holiday place that is the same as at home - even… Continue reading Holidays

Country Canines, Mindful Musings, Necessary Nature


Almost a year ago I minded two cats in a house with a 'catio' (the cross between a 'patio' and a 'cat area'): a netted yard providing outside-time within a contained area. This allowed the two fur-babies full range to indoor company while allowing equal range to the elements: dozing on the grass and soaking… Continue reading Catio

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Folkie’s back!

Folkie's back! After a two-year hiatus (thanks, Covid-19!) our beloved Folkie's back! Four days of glorious music and an overwhelming feeling of delight among the camaraderie of like-minded people ... oh how I've missed the live music vibe such a festival can bring! musos playing on the porch rehearsing for their next performance buskers on… Continue reading Folkie’s back!

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Michael J. Motta

Michael J. Motta In cruising the internet - doing research for a speech - I stumbled onto this article Space-time Management: What the Heck Is That? It spoke to me on so many levels! I invite you to read Motta's original article - or jump straight into my 'take-home messages' and reflections on it. Motta… Continue reading Michael J. Motta