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Writing Tools

Professional people do a lot of professional development. Depending on the event it's often at a swanky hotel or function centre, with swanky food and a plethora of monogrammed notepaper and pens. Over the years I have built up a store of writing pads and writing implements from such events. Covid-19 lockdowns brought a sudden… Continue reading Writing Tools

Mindful Musings

Press Pause – Audience Participation

Space-time management. Following on from my last post about time and space, this post invites audience participation. As you read the following sayings about time and space, consider how you personally arrange your time and space. We can … save time – by being quicker than expected with a task, or by finding a shortcut… Continue reading Press Pause – Audience Participation

Mindful Musings

Press Pause

A song which encapsulates the concepts in this post. Sometimes my life feels so very busy that I can't seem to find the time to breathe, especially to inhale deeply in a way that rejuvenates me and resets my energy levels. Then I read this from Julia "Main Babe" Nusbaum, founder of HerStry, a vibrant… Continue reading Press Pause

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First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Reedsy Discovery: a wonderful platform for readers and writers What does the world think of my book? It's a challenging thing to put one's own work out into the world - especially content as personal and autobiographical as mine. On one level there's the thinking that "these poems and artworks are me: my private thoughts,… Continue reading First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Mindful Musings

Women’s Intuition = On High Alert

Grace Tame, sexual assault survivor and admirable contributor to the topic of women's safety It seems to me that the high level of intuition attributed to women directly relates to the level of awareness we are socialised to operate at; and that this heightened level of awareness is a direct consequence of maintaining personal safety… Continue reading Women’s Intuition = On High Alert

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Space and Place for Everyone

The Gender Continuum The past decade has seen a rapid rise in people “coming out” as transgender. The Gender Affirmation Plan is now a stock-standard form of any school, alongside the Asthma Management Plan, Diabetes Management Plan and Anaphylaxis Management Plan. The provision of space for gender diversity is to be applauded: this is one… Continue reading Space and Place for Everyone