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ArtsHub: most popular reviews

My review on Elvis: Direct from Graceland was one of ArtsHub's most popular reviews this year! I am chuffed to have my work listed in this space: writing can be a lonely occupation, with the volume of output not necessarily matching the volume of feedback, so gifts like this are validating, confirming that my writing… Continue reading ArtsHub: most popular reviews

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“When Love Sticks Around”

When Love Sticks Around When Love Sticks Around contains first-person vignettes woven into a montage incorporating universal themes of family, love and belonging. It tracks Danielle Dayney’s childhood in Toledo to her married life in Detroit and New York. As a child the author didn’t recognise her family’s poverty, stating that her mother – a… Continue reading “When Love Sticks Around”

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Review: “PTSD”

PTSD: Poems To Slay Demons Robin L. Harvey approached me for a review of her book: her first work of personal writing (as opposed to her public writing as a journalist). What a delight it was to read this poetry anthology! I hope you enjoy my review. PTSD: Poems To Slay Demons is powerful. Robin… Continue reading Review: “PTSD”

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ArtsHub Review: “A History of Dreams”

A History of Dreams by Jane Rawson Another exceptional book, compliments of ArtsHub, that keeps me abreast of the wonderful home-grown talent we have Down Under: long gone are the parochial days, replaced with world-stage genius! I haven't read Jane Rawson's earlier works and am now on the look-out for them: the way she weaves… Continue reading ArtsHub Review: “A History of Dreams”

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Review: “Blood of the Eagle”

Blood of the Eagle by Anthony Kearle I digressed from my usual book type to read this one. I admit, it took a bit to get into the high fantasy genre ... and it was a worthwhile diversion! ********** Blood of the Eagle by Anthony Kearle is a high fantasy novel following multiple key characters… Continue reading Review: “Blood of the Eagle”

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Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

"Grief Songs" I picked up this book to review because its premise sounded interesting. It's one of a rare variety: a book I couldn't get into. The content itself is fine. However, the clunky layout and the inconsistent formatting was a real block for me. There's always a decision when reviewing a book that I… Continue reading Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

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Review: “What Lurks In The Woods”

What Lurks In The Woods by Nicole Bell Rick from Stress Free Book Marketing asked me if I would like to read this one: I'm very glad I did, as it is a powerful memoir. Enjoy my 5 star review! ********** What Lurks In The Woods is immediately engaging: Nicole Bell searches for the right… Continue reading Review: “What Lurks In The Woods”

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Review: “Airy Nothing”

Clarissa Pattern approached me to do a review exchange. Her book is completely different to mine: a flight of fantasy set in Shakesperean London. Here is my review. ********** Clarissa Pattern’s Airy Nothing is spellbinding. From the opening paragraph the reader understands that the protagonist is unusual: interest piques as he runs in fear, wearing… Continue reading Review: “Airy Nothing”

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Review: “B.D.I.”

This is the review I provided to Readers' Favorite, a review forum which wanted a sample of my writing before it accepted me as a reviewer. It is written to the forum's specifications: two paragraphs of roughly equal length, to a word limit. The book, the brainchild of our Irish-artist-friend Kevin McCann, features contemporary pieces… Continue reading Review: “B.D.I.”