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Artist Profile: Fred Smith

The artist The book Tonic. That's the predominant word that comes to mind when I consider The Dust of Uruzgan. Once in a while something happens along that is kairos - the exact thing that is needed at a particular time. Fred Smith's heartwarming book is one of those. My connection with Fred is as… Continue reading Artist Profile: Fred Smith

Reflective Reviews

Reedsy Review #7

Renewal by Sandeep Nath This book captures the zeitgeist: it has so many "Aha!" moments it benefits from re-reading. Its premise is a selected audience with Guru Pranachandra, whose message the author Sandeep Nath channelled. Through this forum ten habits of renewal in three areas (Self-Renewal, Symbiotic Renewal and Systemic Renewal) are presented. The content… Continue reading Reedsy Review #7

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Reedsy Review #6

This book found its way to my bookshelf by direct contact from the “Reedsy Runners” – the movers and shakers behind this amazing platform. Sheer delight is an understatement to describe how I felt when I read this book. It’s a dip into bliss. I hope you enjoy my review.

Reflective Reviews

Reedsy Review #5

It was a privilege to read Alex James' Buried Alive: A story of hate and acceptance. To be given permission to enter someone’s deepest, darkest times is to be trusted with their fundamental core, the inner layers that make that person who they are today. It does not escape me that I am responding to… Continue reading Reedsy Review #5

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Reedsy Review #4

Stories of hope. The ripple effect. The empowerment to make a difference, within your skills set. Inspiring. This book is a treasure. Do yourself a favour and remind yourself anew that hope still exists. Read it. ******* See what happened next! Congratulations Annabel!You've been reviewing books on Discovery every month for the past 2… Continue reading Reedsy Review #4

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Reedsy Review #3

Follow this link to my third review for Reedsy: While this book was not my cup o’ tea - largely because of the need for large-scale editing to remove the deplorable number of errors - it reminded me of the surprise-find pearl which still graces my bookshelf, more than two decades after its unexpected… Continue reading Reedsy Review #3

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Reedsy Review #2

Check out my second Reedsy review here: Unlike with my first review, I wasn’t inspired to get into the spirit of this book by following the author’s actions of imbibing copious amounts of alcohol... so I have nothing more to add. Other than I hope you are in the position to stay safe and… Continue reading Reedsy Review #2