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First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Reedsy Discovery: a wonderful platform for readers and writers What does the world think of my book? It's a challenging thing to put one's own work out into the world - especially content as personal and autobiographical as mine. On one level there's the thinking that "these poems and artworks are me: my private thoughts,… Continue reading First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

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New Year = New Expansions

Podcast Power! As the world enters a new calendar year, my personal interactions with the world reach dizzying new heights: having run this blog now for over 100 blog posts it is expanding from visual-only to aural. Admittedly, I've been able to achieve this because it was handed to me on a platter: between my… Continue reading New Year = New Expansions

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Guest Editor of the Babe Letter

I'm lucky enough to have discovered HerStry and Babes Who Write, a dynamic and inclusive writing space for women. It's a place for me to meet other authors, discuss things writerly and sharpen my writing tools. I personally get a lot out of these interactions and feel like I am always learning new things about… Continue reading Guest Editor of the Babe Letter

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Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine IT'S ARRIVED! HOT OFF THE PRESS! Super excited to present my new creation to the world: I'm proud to be the author of TWO published books! As any author knows, it takes a lot of work to create a book: to write it, edit it, review it, get… Continue reading ***NEW RELEASE***

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Inaugural Poetry Month

August is Poetry Month - in Australia, if not in further reaches. Red Room Poetry, an organisation for students (and teachers), is creating a poem forest: POEM FOREST is a free nature writing prize that literally breathes life back into the natural world that sustains us. Created by Red Room Poetry, in partnership with The Australian Botanic Garden, POEM… Continue reading Inaugural Poetry Month

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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day 21 March is World Poetry Day, in which UNESCO (which has a wonderful motto of building peace in the minds of men and women) "recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind." Here is my humble contribution to the volume of poetry in the world… Continue reading World Poetry Day

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Aniko's inagural issue I recently sent an entry in to a new online magazine, for their inaugural issue. The delightedly-overwhelmed (to clarify, that means that she was overwhelmed for all the right reasons) editor, Emily Riches, sent this reply to my submission: Dear Annabel,Thank you so much for submitting Mopping Up to Aniko Press Magazine.… Continue reading Longlisted