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Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

"Grief Songs" I picked up this book to review because its premise sounded interesting. It's one of a rare variety: a book I couldn't get into. The content itself is fine. However, the clunky layout and the inconsistent formatting was a real block for me. There's always a decision when reviewing a book that I… Continue reading Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

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Critique of My Books: I Write Her

Susi Bocks' blog I discovered this wonderful website by Susi Bocks ... I'm so glad I did! Susi took on the WordPress Challenge to 'post every day in January': coming into my inbox was a variety of poetry and themes. Susi accepted my request to review my work: she looked at both of them, saying,… Continue reading Critique of My Books: I Write Her

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Inaugural Poetry Month

August is Poetry Month - in Australia, if not in further reaches. Red Room Poetry, an organisation for students (and teachers), is creating a poem forest: POEM FOREST is a free nature writing prize that literally breathes life back into the natural world that sustains us. Created by Red Room Poetry, in partnership with The Australian Botanic Garden, POEM… Continue reading Inaugural Poetry Month