Reedsy Review #7

Renewal by Sandeep Nath

This book captures the zeitgeist: it has so many “Aha!” moments it benefits from re-reading. Its premise is a selected audience with Guru Pranachandra, whose message the author Sandeep Nath channelled. Through this forum ten habits of renewal in three areas (Self-Renewal, Symbiotic Renewal and Systemic Renewal) are presented.

The content is profound, and well worth the personal investment of time to read it and reflect on its messages: it’s a gift to yourself.

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Reedsy Review #5

It was a privilege to read Alex James’ Buried Alive: A story of hate and acceptance. To be given permission to enter someone’s deepest, darkest times is to be trusted with their fundamental core, the inner layers that make that person who they are today.

It does not escape me that I am responding to Alex James in the same way that many people respond to me when they read my book … and that is fair, because my poems and artworks are also deeply personal, exposing the ugly side of troubled times. It is only from having experienced such Dark that the profound value of the Light is recognised. (Nevertheless I continue to be genuinely taken aback at the realisation that some readers are moved to the extent that they are.)

I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of such authentic praise, and if Alex is like me he would be surprised at the impact of his book … which he shouldn’t be, as it’s a worthy addition to the world’s collection of survivors’ stories … so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised when people praise my book, as I have praised his … because it is a privilege to be let in to someone’s soul.

James’ book will hold its rightful place on the bookshelves of survivors and the wider public: it will add to the world’s healing journey and hopefully inspire others to talk about their experiences (which is James’ stated wish), as I have found audiences at my presentations open up about their experiences of sexual abuse and depression. Such literature is an important catalyst to large-scale healing, even if it’s slow, step-by-step, and its progress is not always evident.

Find my review of this commendable book here:

This review may seem more about me than about Alex James and his book. However, it is because his book resonated so much with me, and his responses and reactions reminded me of mine … like him, I published my experiences and exposed my soul … and would like to think that, in my own small way, I am adding to the collective healing journey through helping people on a personal level.

Reedsy Review #4

Stories of hope. The ripple effect. The empowerment to make a difference, within your skills set. Inspiring.

This book is a treasure. Do yourself a favour and remind yourself anew that hope still exists. Read it.


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Reedsy Review #3

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While this book was not my cup o’ tea – largely because of the need for large-scale editing to remove the deplorable number of errors – it reminded me of the surprise-find pearl which still graces my bookshelf, more than two decades after its unexpected entry to our household.


This gem, like Making a Stylish Edit, revolves around fashion, and is immersed in a cracker story with well-developed characters which had me laughing out loud: the sleeping bags the main character made for her shoes is particularly memorable. (Unfortunately, I know some people who would think sleeping bags for shoes are the second best invention after the wheel, and not just a funny image from a novel, so devoted are they to their footwear collection…or should that read, I know some unfortunate people who would covet the protagonist’s inventiveness, in caring for her shoes?) And who isn’t fabulous in their own head sometimes, even if they are a nobody?

Coming from a time when publishing was neither cheap nor cheapened, this Aussie author’s book is a delight to read!

Reedsy Review #2

Check out my second Reedsy review here:

Unlike with my first review, I wasn’t inspired to get into the spirit of this book by following the author’s actions of imbibing copious amounts of alcohol… so I have nothing more to add.

Other than I hope you are in the position to stay safe and well in your self-isolation, to look after yourself and your loved ones (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially), and to choose healthy options to get through the long months that Covid-19 will restrict your movements.

My wish for you is that you have the resources to make this possible.

With virtual hugs,


Inaugural Reedsy Review


PART ONE: Check out my first-ever Reedsy review here!



PART TWO: Author Feedback

On the day the review went live, this email from Reedsy arrived in my inbox:

Hi Annabel,

Thanks so much for your review of Echoes from the Rock of Eternal Torment on Discovery! The author asked me to pass on their personal thanks for your insightful review, and said that they will be taking your insights on how to improve their work to heart.

I hope you’ll continue to find great books on Discovery!
All the best,
Felicia – Editorial Manager at Reedsy

Feeling warmed from the inside out – to the very cockles of my heart – I replied:

Hi Felicia,
Thank you so much for this wonderful email! I appreciate you passing on the author’s personal thanks – it makes me very happy. You could pass back to Kyko-K that, if not for the layout issues, I would have rated it four stars. It definitely is thought-provoking.
I’m currently reading Blotto, the review for which will be forthcoming.
Heart-warmed from your email,
Felicia replied that she would indeed pass on my feedback, and she looks forward to reading my review on Blotto. 
Thank you, Kyko-K, for becoming a follower of my blog: another unexpected reward!
You are generous in your actions.
PART THREE: My Wisdom Poetry: Elderly Females’ Wisdom
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