Book Testimonials                                                                                  Presentation Testimonials

We gauge the success of these events by the customer feedback and engagement afterwards, and both of these were positive experiences! Thanks again for putting together a great presentation and going to so much trouble.

– Michelle Delle Vergin, Booktique, Wangaratta, on my launch of Journey into the Dark and the Light in April 2018.

Paperback and beautifully illustrated. Hard hitting. Hopeful. Like nothing I’ve ever read before.

– Christine Morris, Adult Educator in English as an Additional Language, Melbourne

Her poems and naïve artworks graphically and very bravely illustrate her development over that time. The book is divided into three parts titled: Dark, Alchemy and Light. The illustrations and poems capture the gradual transition from deep depression to a more enlightened time in her life. It is a brave book, in which Annabel bares her soul to the world, and which one hopes was cathartic. She describes the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

– Nancy Whittaker, Arts About, Tarrangower Times, Maldon; former Art Education Lecturer and Education Department Policy Officer for the Arts