What my Readers say

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the gift of your book. It’s a very special book and I’m glad that you felt I would appreciate it – because I do. Your designs for it are lovely – for such a confronting book, it is a beautiful one.

I felt a bit churned up after reading it – understanding perhaps a little, just a little, of what must have been a traumatic journey for you.

My favourite poem is Oval Moon, particularly line 3 and 4 which resonated with me as I think about what it means to be hitting 50 in the next month. A lot of the earlier poems were also really effective but I couldn’t ‘like’ them because behind them was so much pain for you.

So thank you very much again – I will treasure your book.”

– Michele Kennedy, Secondary School Assistant Principal, Regional Victoria


“Annabel is a beautiful person who has captured her darkest moments through heartfelt poems and provoking art. By opening doors to mindfulness through self-expression, she has been able to develop trusted relationships and share her stories. A wonderful book and opportunity for any reader to delve into their own connections with the subject matter and/or explore as a conversation with others.”

– Jacqui Rapsey, Primary School Teacher, Melbourne


“Her poems and naïve artworks graphically and very bravely illustrate her development over that time. The book is divided into three parts titled: Dark, Alchemy and Light. The illustrations and poems capture the gradual transition from deep depression to a more enlightened time in her life. It is a brave book, in which Annabel bares her soul to the world, and which one hopes was cathartic. She describes the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.”

– Nancy Whittaker, Arts About, Tarrangower Times, Maldon; former Art Education Lecturer and Education Department Policy Officer for the Arts


“I found your book was pretty and articulated, in a beautiful way, a journey that is challenging, and ongoing. As a professional in human services I am aware of the challenging nature of your journey you went through, to create this attractive book.”

– Neil Boyack, Team Leader – Kinship Team, Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc. (CAFS)


“Paperback and beautifully illustrated. Hard hitting. Hopeful. Like nothing I’ve ever read before.”

– Christine Morris, Adult Educator in English as an Additional Language, Melbourne