Annabel Harz: Author and Artist

***NEW RELEASE***3 OCT 2021***


OVERVIEW BY CHRISTINE RUFF, author of Echoes of Home

Annabel invites the reader on a deeply personal journey of four parts.

In Shadow we see enormous self awareness in the shadow of overarching pain.

In Survival we share a deep sense of loss and despair with Annabel.
“What will be first….my death or my wall?”
The reader wills Annabel to survive and conquer, to continue to live with hope.

In Space the reader begins to see Annabel’s own glimmers of hope for a better life.
We delight when Annabel writes about catharsis and a “place of respite”.

In Sunshine we cheer on as Annabel writes about “grow(ing) through pain and blossom(ing) into (her) highest potential”. We applaud the love that allows Annabel to rebuild, to develop her own vision for herself and to eventually be “at one with the world”.

The reader cannot help but be in awe of the strength of this extraordinary woman. Her beguiling artwork is at once innocent yet also layered with meaning and intent. It is a pleasure to be invited into Annabel’s world.
– Christine Ruff


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Annabel Harz is the author and artist of Journey into the Dark and the Light and Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine, each featuring poems and pictures telling her journey through depression and into wellness.

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My presentations and workshops focus on the use of art and poetry as forms of personal healing, promoting self-esteem and empowerment through personal awareness:

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