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Almost a year ago I minded two cats in a house with a 'catio' (the cross between a 'patio' and a 'cat area'): a netted yard providing outside-time within a contained area. This allowed the two fur-babies full range to indoor company while allowing equal range to the elements: dozing on the grass and soaking… Continue reading Catio

Necessary Nature


Beach. Sun. Sand. The endless ocean, rolling in waves, soothing waters, spraying white foam in the breakers. It's grounding, this dip in the sea. It restores my equilibrium, internally and externally. I feel re-set and ready for anything. The heat of the sun, the smell of hot sand and the taste of sea salt remind… Continue reading Beach

Necessary Nature

Spring Clean

Spring has sprung Australia is in the middle of spring. After the physical darkness of winter the spring winds are rejuvenating. They promise excitement: activity after cold months of dormancy, huddled in front of a heater. They speak of new lands and invite travel - out into the garden no longer frosted over in the… Continue reading Spring Clean

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Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

"Grief Songs" I picked up this book to review because its premise sounded interesting. It's one of a rare variety: a book I couldn't get into. The content itself is fine. However, the clunky layout and the inconsistent formatting was a real block for me. There's always a decision when reviewing a book that I… Continue reading Reedsy Review: “Grief Songs”

Necessary Nature

Elemental Waters Present

Nowadays I swim laps once a week. I don’t always feel motivated before I start, but I always feel refreshed and energised when I’ve finished. Sometimes I fly, streamlined, through the water. On other days it feels like I’m swimming through soup, the water feels dense and I struggle to stay near the surface. Those… Continue reading Elemental Waters Present

Necessary Nature

Elemental Waters Past

Lifeguarding is a vital job. Quite literally, many people owe their lives to lifeguards. These swimmers-and non-swimmers- are at the beach as much as poolside. Australia has a swimming culture, where everyone learns to swim. So much so that time in the water is an unspoken rite of passage for Aussie kids: a place to… Continue reading Elemental Waters Past

Necessary Nature

Elemental Fires of Friendship

πŸ”₯ πŸ‚ 🐾 🌈 πŸ§—πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸš˜ πŸ• β›° πŸŒ„ πŸ”₯ There’s nothing better than to sit around a campfire with family and friends,  pondering the very essence of life itself. Sitting under the stars, watching the moon arc its way across the heavens, souls are directly connected to nature with no barriers in between. Gone are… Continue reading Elemental Fires of Friendship