Self Stretch

ArtsHub Reviews

I’ve found a new outlet to review for, which I’m absolutely loving! ArtsHub – the national one-stop-shop for everything arts in Australia – sends me amazing books which challenge my preconceptions, and I hone my first-draft-free-form-800+ words into a maximum of 600 words. I enjoy the challenge to be succinct and really pay attention to my writing skills. I grow from that, my submitted reviews reading much better than my initial stream-of-consciousness notes.

ArtsHub reviews cover traditionally-published new release books from Australian authors, as well as reviews for live theatre, performing arts and exhibitions. It is not limited to reviews as it also publishes opinion and news pieces, and advertises grants and opportunities. It really is the only gathering place you’ll need to find out about the contemporary Australian art scene in all its glorious diversity.

Future posts will feature my reviews for ArtsHub: I hope you enjoy them!

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