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First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Reedsy Discovery: a wonderful platform for readers and writers What does the world think of my book? It's a challenging thing to put one's own work out into the world - especially content as personal and autobiographical as mine. On one level there's the thinking that "these poems and artworks are me: my private thoughts,… Continue reading First Critique of My Book: Reedsy

Reflective Reviews

Reedsy Review #13

Warning: contains football I chose to review this book because I remember the incident mentioned in the blurb on our national news. I did not realise this book would have quite so much football as it does! The timing of my reading this autobiography coincided with our Australian Football League's finals season. This is the… Continue reading Reedsy Review #13

Mindful Musings


A life well-lived, true to self Lately I’ve been thinking about legacy. What is legacy? The Macquarie Dictionary defines legacy as (and I paraphrase): A gift of property by will; a bequest.Anything handed down by a predecessor.A consequence. I see legacy as falling into two broad categories: the formal legacy – what an individual constructs… Continue reading Legacy

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Covid Christmas

To end a Covid-constrained year we now have a Covid-constrained holiday period. My thoughts go out to all the people who can't share festivities - from all cultural and religious backgrounds - with their families this year. My heart is heavy from the people who are no longer with us, due to Covid (and indeed… Continue reading Covid Christmas

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West Gate Stories

Live webcam Lightbulb moment: the West Gate Bridge is thusly named because it is the Gateway to the West! Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet it’s something I never questioned: this feat of construction is something that was always in my childhood and I never stopped to think about its whys and the wherefores. I had… Continue reading West Gate Stories

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West Gate Story

Fifty years ago Australia experienced its second-worst construction disaster. Here are my memories: my humble contribution to this story of national psyche. The West Gate Bridge today The West Gate Bridge is a vital piece of infrastructure which connects Melbourne's Central Business District to the Western suburbs. Prior to the bridge's completion this route was… Continue reading West Gate Story

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Walking lightly on the earth

MINIMISING MY CARBON FOOTPRINT Found in the shed: a big box of shoes I didn’t remember. Grroooaaaannnnn ......   They are dirty, covered in cobwebs and - even worse - have been chewed by rodents. Those innards coming out definitely have rat-sized teeth-marks around them.   Who’s going to want to wear them now? Clearly… Continue reading Walking lightly on the earth