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Reedsy Review #3

Follow this link to my third review for Reedsy:

While this book was not my cup o’ tea – largely because of the need for large-scale editing to remove the deplorable number of errors – it reminded me of the surprise-find pearl which still graces my bookshelf, more than two decades after its unexpected entry to our household.


This gem, like Making a Stylish Edit, revolves around fashion, and is immersed in a cracker story with well-developed characters which had me laughing out loud: the sleeping bags the main character made for her shoes is particularly memorable. (Unfortunately, I know some people who would think sleeping bags for shoes are the second best invention after the wheel, and not just a funny image from a novel, so devoted are they to their footwear collection…or should that read, I know some unfortunate people who would covet the protagonist’s inventiveness, in caring for her shoes?) And who isn’t fabulous in their own head sometimes, even if they are a nobody?

Coming from a time when publishing was neither cheap nor cheapened, this Aussie author’s book is a delight to read!

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