Country Canines

What happens next?

Following on from the last post, here are the three story endings (which adventure did YOU choose?):

OPTION 1: Pupster chases a snake

Okay I admit it – it wasn’t my brainiest idea. I have to say, I haven’t met a snake before, I’ve only met the sleepy scaly snakes with their short stumpy legs – I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people talk about them as bluetongue lizards, and we have a few which live in our yard. Herrchen and Frauchen always encourage me to leave them alone. I was pretty bored with them anyway, after all they did was hiss at me with their blue tongues after I invited them to play with my teeth.

So back to the snake … we frolicked for a bit in

the ideal run

and ended up friends.

OPTION 2: Pupster builds an outdoor playground for Herrchen and Frauchen

It’s taken a while but finally my ‘chens understand the fun of play! Now they don’t fall asleep in their chairs in front of the TV from the sheet exhaustion of their desk jobs … they fall asleep in their chairs in front of the TV because they’ve been playing outside and their muscle-weary!

Building a playground was the least I could do for Herrchen and Frauchen after the wild adventure park they built for me! Now we all play to our hearts’ content (although I do better mid-air leaps than they do, and they can’t jump through my arms)!

OPTION 3: Pupster invites the neighbourhood to join the fun

WOOHOO! There’s no better fun than sharing the adventure with a rollicking, rowdy, rolling rubble of fur and paws and claws and teeth. Perfect!

Big and little and in-between, multi-coloured and monochromatic, old and young and middle-aged, trained and untrained … everyone’s welcome at

the ideal run

How could a canine ask for more? Cue wagging tail and smiling lips around a lolling tongue … bliss!

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